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Have you overlooked something? Take a second look! Spend some time and discover more than beautiful landscapes. Keep an open mind and discover new vistas.

Our team consists of 2 photographers (Laila Pregizer and Uwe Schmida) who have been interested in exploring the integration of human beings in natural scenery for some time and two body painter (Jörg Düsterwald and Léonie Gené) who are highly skilled in transferring Mimeses on to human beings. Since mid 2008 we are working on a joint project which consists of taking photographs of people in all four seasons in various natural settings whose bodies have been painted so that they integrate easily into the landscapes so much so that they almost become inseparable from nature and thus virtually disappear. Up until now we have already created a number of unique pieces of art in numerous natural settings and you can view these in our gallery.

Please spend some time browsing our website, and enjoy viewing, searching and finding! Have we sparked your interest yet? All photos can be ordered on canvas or as fine art prints and are available in various sizes. We look forward to receiving your feedback, or any orders for our photos or catalogues via our contact form or at our Online-Shop .