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Exhibition at "Naturschutzzentrum (Centre for environmental protection) Nordschwarzwald, Seebach, April - June 2012

Exhibition at Heilpraktiker Akademie Hamburg, February - April 2012

5th Annual Photography Masters Cup, 2 Nominees at Catogery Fine Art (living tree) and Nude (human stalagmite)
Link: results2011

31st Annual Spring Photography Contest, 2 Finalists (Winter-Elfen-Höhle and Waldgeheimnis) at Best of Photography 2011
Link: Finalists2011

Exhibition at "Naturschutzzentrum (Centre for environmental protection) Südschwarzwald", summer 2011 and winter 2011/2102

Exhibition at "Volkshochschule Rheinfelden", September - October 2011

Winner of a "Gold Medal" category "Best Serial" at Trierenberg Super Circuit 2011", Linz (Österreich) incl. 8 photos in the exhibition-book

Pirmasenser Fototage , June 2011, 10. - 26.
Link: Pirmasenser Fototage 2011

no. 10 at the competition "Best photos from 10 years Fotocommunity"
Link: Fotocommunity

Winner of two "Gold Medal of Excellence" at Trierenberg Super Circuit 2010" incl. 7 photos in the expo, Linz (Austria)

Winner of Special Price "100 photos of 2009" Gesellschaft für Photographie (represented with 5 photos), Rambler exhibition from 08.05.2010 until May 2011.
Link: 100 Bilder des Jahres 2009

International Ramblers` Exhibition - selected pictures (2 of our photos) from the "Pirmasenser Fototage" (Photo exhibition in Pirmasens), amongst others in Paris & more, July 2010 to June 2011.

Pirmasenser Fototage, May 2009 until June 2009

"Landscapes - Humans - Structures", MLP-Hanover
January 2009 until March 2009